Looking back at my photos from 2011, I thought it might be fun to play a
Scavenger Hunt in 2012.

I created a list of 26 things I took pictures of in 2011.

1 Angel
2 Bear
3 Bell Tower (in front of it)
4 Buffalo
5 Christmas Tree
6 Clock Tower (in front of it)
7 Covered Wagon
8 Cross (not on top of a church)
9 Cut-Out (face in it)
10 Famous Person (Statue)
11 Fire Engine
12 Horse
13 Locomotive
14 Longhorn
15 Mermaid
16 Misc Statue (anything not listed)
17 Mosaic Art
18 Mural
19 On Beach
20 Pagoda
21 Shark
22 Sheep
23 Sports Statue (baseball player, football player, etc)
24 Stage Coach
25 Swinging Bridge (on it)
26 Tower (on/in it)

The object of the Scavenger Hunt is to submit a picture of yourself with the items I listed.

1. Picture has to have been taken in 2012
2. Preferably the picture should be in a different city each time.

So if you want to play, make a copy of the list and take a camera and another
person along to take your picture and see how quickly you can complete the list.  Create a blog and put the Categories as Scavenger Hunt and I should be able to see them.

I personally am doing the pictures from along a 10K event I’m doing, but if you aren’t a walker that isn’t required.  Just like to see pictures from other places.


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